We took some historic tours and watched traditional dancing in Edinburgh

Mary King's Close was one of several narrow streets closed off in 1753 when a building was build over it-- it is basically the same as it was during the Plague in 1645 (no pics, this is a model of the area...

This is inside of St Giles church which existed around that time as well

Like so much of Edinburgh, this atmosphere just reeks with Medieval history...

Just past another church, the Kirk at Tron, we went on Mercat Tours further underground

These vaults were two floors under the North Bridge, built around the same time

A spooky gate where a cobbler's ghost has been reported, and looking up a chimney

This is below North Bridge,as seen from Cowgate Road (see the cow in the wall?)

We took the #23 bus out to Merlin's Road house, to see a ceildh (traditional Gaelic social dancing)

From the Santa hat wearing reindeer, to lots of guys in kilts

We sat on turn number two, and nearly got run over by dancers (we watched and drank beer)