We visited Holyrood and some historic places

On our way to The Palace of Holyrood, we passed by this interesting building

Turned out to be the new Scottish Parliament building, complete with protesters! The asked us to sign their petition to get rid of bad lawyers, until we told them we were from the US...

Holyrood Palace is where the Queen stays when she visits Edinburgh

It was also the scene of some heavy politics back in the day (murders, intrique, etc.)

Lovely carvings on the monument outside-- no pictures allowed inside...

Next door is the ruins of an old abbey of monks who started the palace

Lots of ornate carvings from the 1500s

Awesome looking memorials

And after we left, we came across a more contemporary graveyard (1800s)

But later we visited Greyfriars Church and cemetary--adjacent to the wall that used to surround the castle in the 1400s

Can you imagine living here and having mauseleums butt up against the foundation of your apartment???

Famous people buried here from the 1600s