Nancy's adventures in Costa Rica

This is the house that Nancy slept in at EARTH

Tim the Bug Man

First Student Supper at EARTH

First week celebration: Remembranzas Restaurant with faculty

More than Beans and Rice,

Nancy, Lori, Kelly, Mary, Maria, Joel, Paul

Planting 101

Jorge Acre teaching us about plants in the tropics

Praying that the students are paying attention

San Jose University and Museum Trip

Latin American Reality Lesson

Model of a village & Interesting art piece made from Auto Struts

Students at the Waterfall Farm

Frederico's farm - Dew ladened Shampoo Ginger flower

His farm was full of tropical flowers

Unique one-day flower and one-of-a-kind Katrina plant

Butterflies in the making

Frederico raises many varieties - one shown is the owl butterfly

Frederico also has Cabins

Fish ponds and seedlings

Did I mention, he is also and excellent artist?

Off to the Organic Farm at EARTH

Students hard at work helping shuck corn and weeding

Turning the compost and planting the garden

And more weeding. How about a lesson on digging a hole with a baby shovel?

Some got dirtier jobs like cleaning out the cattle barn.

The master and his students. Student teams - Frederico's farm

More farm teams.

The accident! Nancy & Frederico

My new friends - Carlos, Julietta, and Hector